Why Covenant

A covenant is a binding agreement between individuals, organisations and institutions that offers the sharing of sustained mutual benefits and burdens.

It is intergenerational, and upheld by the integrity of a range of civic institutions – a civic ecology.

No institution, or any single interest, is dominant, and the health of the whole is dependent on the wellbeing of each.

Contract always allows for escape in the name of individual benefit. Covenant keeps the different actors around the table in order to negotiate a common, greater good.

Why Covenant Advisory

Covenant Advisory offers a unique perspective, grounded in business experience and provides practical advice.

Phillip Ullmann has a track record of shaping a large organisation in order to find its purpose amid the many conflicts that arise from implementing change.

He understands first hand the courage and commitment it takes to challenge conventional wisdom in the quest to deliver a different kind of value based on people, community, and nature rather than pure financial metrics.

Our approach will address the identification of purpose, design and implement new ecosystems to achieve mutual understanding, propose interventions, form coalitions, outline new roles for leaders, better shape decision making processes and introduce self-managing teams – all measured against sustainable impact criteria.


We need to redefine leadership.

A leader is someone who has followers, who develops other leaders, and indicates the direction of travel within a team. It is no longer about control, but shaping and creating the space within which people can thrive in the new environment.


Today, our common language to solve the problems of people and planet is not fit for purpose.

It should be more accessible to everyone and offer a richer understanding of what we, as a society, stand for and wish to achieve.

It should be based on a new set of measurements that reference people, community, nature and wealth, and should replace lagging, overly complex concepts such as profit and GDP.


Covenant Advisory

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