The era of uncontested globalisation is over. We work within the new paradigm in which the nation state, workers and the places they live in have a more important role.

This has been intensified by the increase in state ownership of private assets generated by loans during the Corona Virus crisis.

What is required is a conception of business which is decentralised and embedded in the communities where they operate.

This requires trust brokered by a shared civic ecology. The state must play a constructive active role, facilitating a regionalised economy that strengthens society within a shared institutional framework.

Our mission is to provide practical, accessible advice and actions that will allow a new network of connected individuals and organisations to take the bold but necessary steps to articulate their purpose and facilitate change. In doing so, they can then demonstrate new values and standards in governance, leadership and culture.

We believe that fear and scarcity can be replaced with trust and abundance.


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VAT Number 347 0328 11
Companies House Registration Number 12567830

CIC Status

Covenant Advisory is a Community Interest Company (CIC).

The object of the Company is to carry out the following activity which will benefit the population of the United Kingdom:

The Company will provide independent consulting to national and local Government and to British businesses to develop coalitions between the public and private sectors to benefit the wellbeing of the British people.
Our objective is to help businesses and institutions find their purpose, transform their organisations, and deliver lasting change using new methods and metrics.
The company accounts and all transactions will shortly be available to view on this website and kept up-to-date in real time.
Annual dividends are capped at 35% of distributable profit.